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Roger Ames:
A Legacy Concert Series

August, 2022

Thank you to all who attended our concerts. The Same Stream sang an evening of music by Roger Ames and other composer friends of the choir, including Ames' final set of songs: AWAKENINGS.

20220806_170207 (1).jpg

To honor Roger and his battle with ALS, 10% of all ticket sale revenue was donated to the  ALS Association.

August 4: The Cathedral Basilica of Sts. Peter and Paul
1723 Race St, Philadelphia, PA 19103

August 5: St. Paul's Episcopal Church
28 Highland Road, Glen Cove, NY 11542

August 6: All Saints' Church of Princeton
16 All Saints Rd, Princeton, NJ 08540


Marion Jacob

Kristen Kozub

Joslyn Thomas

Camille Watson

Yiran Zhao


Emily Chant

David Falatok

Julianna Massielo

Alex Meakem

Holly Scovell


Jesse Borower

Ari Carrillo

Chrisopher Filice

Matthew Henry

Greg Nappa


Michael Banks

Jay Besch

T. Quinn Kimball

Joshua Palagyi

Sam Scheibe

Samuel Stephenson

A Time for Healing

The Music of Roger Ames

Recorded August 2021
Released January 2023

St Luke's Episcopal Church, Philadelphia
Recording released on Spiritum | GIA ChoralWorks, 2023

Available on all major streaming platforms.

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This recording was made possible with a major gift by the Jody and Lester Hensley Family Trust.

This project is deeply special to The Same Stream and Dr. James Jordan. Roger was a great friend to us all, and we feel privileged to have recorded an album of solely his music.

The centerpiece of this project is Roger's final set of pieces: AWAKENINGS. All texts were written during the COVID-19 pandemic, and Roger leaves us with a hopeful and uplifting message despite the global crisis the pandemic has caused. 

Roger Ames.jpeg


Isabella Burns

Megan Page Gallagher

Kristen Kozub

Lindsey Reinhard

Jess Stanislawczyk

Alexandra Thomas

Camille Watson

Yiran Zhao



Mary Dolch

Ashley Dupont

Moira Gannon

Sarah Engel

David Falatok

Alex Meakem

Holly Scovell

Kelly Zuzic



John Burke

Ari Carillo

Christopher Filice

Aidan Christopher Gent

Matthew Koller

Christopher Nappa



John Arlievsky

Michael Banks

Peter Fischer

T. Quinn Kimball

James Kinzel

Joel Michalchuk

Alexander Miller

Sam Scheibe

Ruihang Zeng

The Fire of Love

& Songs of Innocence

Recorded January 2020
Released February 2021

The Cathedral Bascilica of Saints Peter and Paul, Philadelphia
Recording released on Spiritum | GIA ChoralWorks, 2021

“very modern, very human [,] powerful”

-Choir & Organ
"The Stream Choir is truly world class. I have never known a body of singers convey so much warmth, humanity and mutual sympathy. It has been an honour and a joy to work with them."

-Patrick Hawes
Final Cover Art FoL.jpg

The Fire of Love - the world premiere recording of two stunning new choral collections by leading English composer Patrick Hawes


Specially written for the Same Stream Choir and musical director James Jordan, the first collection, and album title, is adapted from the writings of the fourteenth-century English mystic Richard Rolle.  Patrick’s librettist brother Andrew has created six beautiful new ‘song’ texts under the title The Fire of Love which Patrick has set for choir, piano and string quartet.  Rolle believed that the soul’s movement towards God passed through three phases (heat, sweetness and song) and, as the words and music follow these themes, a rich and passionate sound world is created.  


For the second collection, Patrick has set nine of William Blake’s Songs of Innocence.  The fragile poetry gives rise to tender and heartfelt music for choir and piano, heard at its most poignant in pieces such as The Lamb and A Cradle Song.


Recorded in the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul, Philadelphia in January 2020.