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Scroll down to find out who we are, and what makes this group so special...

The Same Stream © was born out of a closely knit family of singers who share a common experience and are dedicated to what it truly means to sing together. Drawn from a Grammy™ nominated choir, we are deeply dedicated to continuing to do what we discovered together through our shared Westminster experiences. The singers and conductor are bonded to a deep passion to continue and grow those experiences beyond our shared Westminster journey. We are performers, professional singers, teachers, composers, vocal coaches, conductors and music practitioners all with a shared common vision and belief of the power of singing practiced within a connected community with shared experiences bonded into a deeply spiritual core. The ensemble champions the music of composers who have come from within this shared experience and also reach out into choral literature covering a broad spectrum of musical styles and choral colors.

The Same Stream Choir is truly world class. I have never known a body of singers convey so much warmth, humanity and mutual empathy. It has been an honour and a joy to work with them.

-Patrick Hawes

"The Same Stream Choir are one of the best there is! Under James Jordan’s expert direction they sing with passion, precision and control – every note and every word hits you right in the heart. I love them all so much – singing of such expert quality it makes you cry, laugh and feel the true warmth of the human soul."

-Paul Mealor

"I had never met any of the other singers before the first rehearsal, but we all shared academic and musical heritage; and by the end of four days, we were family. That was the intention from the start: to have a choir of highly trained singers who aren’t doing a gig for a check, but to make music for the love of it and each other."


-Dr. Amelia Nagoski

"A partner rather than an accompanying instrument, the piano was an equal, even sometimes leading in the music. Its player, Corey Everly, deftly soared through the compositions with determination and courage."

-Richard Kimball

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