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In The Musician’s Soul, author James Jordan sets readers on a journey beyond the precise techniques of artistry and into a place of selfexploration, where music can be created with new heartfelt honesty and beauty.

With The Musician’s Spirit, a companion book to The Musician’s Soul, and The Musician’s Walk, Jordan takes us to the next level of creating a more powerful art form.

The Musician’s Spirit focuses not on the self, but on others and the stories each artist is able to share through his or her work. Using thought-provoking quotations, real-life stories, and visual art, Jordan challenges all artists to share themselves with their audience and fellow artists, thereby creating a more personal and beautiful body of work.

This book offers practical and inspirational words on courage and vision, the arts of listening and trust, conquering the fear of looking foolish, and the importance of story in teaching.

Jordan also includes a Storying Guide to help the reader bring out his or her own story as well as space for personal notes, stories, and reflections.

Though written with musicians in mind, this beautiful illustrated book offers tremendous insight for any artist wanting to share his or her vision and story with the world.

“Although written for musicians, this stunningly crafted book offers tremendous insight for any artist wanting to share their story and gifts with others.”

“Communicating music is not academic, nor is Jordan’s book. The Musician’s Spirit is a guide to help us step out and experience music in the right place.”

— Thomas R. Vozzella (Choral Journal, Volume 44, Number 9)

Those of us who have studied with inspiring teachers know how we looked forward to each lesson. The Musician’s Spirit opens such doors again, and reminds us why we are musicians.

— Kathleen Thomerson (The American Organist, November 2004)

The Musician's Spirit

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