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These fifteen brand new choral works, including two choral collections were recorded in January 2020 (just before lockdown) at the beautiful Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter & Paul, Philadelphia and produced by Grammy®-nominated producer James Whitbourn.


Specially written for the Same Stream choir, the first collection, and album title, is adapted from the writings of the fourteenth-century English mystic Richard Rolle.  Patrick’s librettist brother Andrew has created six beautiful new ‘song’ texts under the title The Fire of Love which Patrick has set for choir, piano and string quartet.  Rolle believed that the soul’s movement towards God passed through three phases (heat, sweetness and song) and, as the words and music follow these themes, a rich and passionate sound world is created.  


For the second collection, Patrick has set nine of William Blake’s Songs of Innocence.  The fragile poetry gives rise to tender and heartfelt music for choir and piano, heard at its most poignant in pieces such as The Lamb and A Cradle Song.

This is the first release from Patrick since his No.1 selling album The Great War Symphony.


Of the new album Patrick says “These have been such inspiring and dramatic words to set to music and I am thrilled with how The Same Stream under the direction of James Jordan have brought a freshness of approach and musical expertise to their interpretation of this exciting project.  The texts may be from the 14th and 17th century but they are absolutely relevant for today because they speak of eternal truths.”



The Fire of Love
1. This Fire (4.50)
2. This Is The Love (3.03)
3. Eternal Praises (4.12)
4. In Paradise (3.48)
5. The Angel's Praise (4.50)
6. Endless Love (4.57)


Songs of Innocence
7. Introduction (4.08)
8. The Shepherd (3.06)
9. The Echoing Green (3.05)
10. The Lamb (3.48)
11. The Little Boy Lost and Found (2.43)
12. A Cradle Song (4.02)
13. The Divine Image (4.09)
14. A Dream (3.16)
15. On Another's Sorrow (6.03)

[Total duration: 60.00 minutes]

The Fire of Love and Songs of Innocence

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