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"There's no such thing as a rehearsal! Singers have the unique privilege of expressing text and should do so every time a phrase is sung."  — Simon Carrington

Simon Carrington spent 25 years with The King's Singers, the internationally acclaimed choral ensemble celebrated throughout the world for achieving the highest levels of excellence in singing. Now Carrington—along with insight from author and conductor James Jordan—brings a wealth of experience as a choral conductor to the mechanics of directing vocal ensembles. This Study Guide is the perfect companion to getting the most from the DVD.

This Study Guide carefully guides the viewer through the vast amount of material on the DVD by focusing attention on many aspects of Simon Carrington's interactions with the choir, including:

• Carrington's philosophy and approach to the rehearsal process
• An understanding of how warm-ups can teach and reinforce interval "hearing"
• A focus on the teaching and rehearsing of Renaissance music
• A discussion of how to achieve intonation, blend, and color through empowering the singers
• Ideas on how to achieve balance and blend
• Deeper insights into achieving a masterful rehearsal

James Jordan is senior conductor at Westminster Choir College of Rider University in Princeton, New Jersey.


Simon Carrington is a professor emeritus of Yale University and a freelance conductor and choral clinician, leading workshops and master classes around the world.

The Empowered Choral Rehearsal

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