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The Complete Choral Warm-Up Sequences represents the first truly pedagogically sequenced collection of choral warm-ups in print and the culmination of work begun three decades ago by Frauke Haaseman and James Jordan. The goal of these twenty sequenced choral warm-ups is to build vocal technique and enduring musical skill in ensembles, regardless of age or experience.


By synthesizing the most essential elements of the best-selling book The Choral Warm-Up, authors James Jordan and Jesse Borower assemble a practical and easy-to-use resource for conductors and teachers.


The warm-up sequences provide a daily “diet” of vocal technique development based onthe latest research in voice science coupled with exercises to develop intonation and audiation according to the principles of Edwin E. Gordon’s Music Learning Theory.

This package includes a book for conductors, a book for accompanists, and links to important online audio and video downloads. Written in an easy-to-use format for choral conductors, this valuable resource is a rich collection of cutting-edge pedagogy and the latest in voice science.


Features include:

  • An introduction and concise overview of choral and vocal pedagogy
  • Vocal exercises composed within a harmonic context, designed to strengthen each singer’s audiational skill while training legato, register consistency, range extension, and more
  • Concise descriptions of what to listen for in each exercise and solutions to remedy common vocal issues
  • Aural Immersion Exercises that will quickly attune an ensemble to the modality needed for any repertoire
  • Chants that will heighten both the essential musicianship of each singer and the sensitivity of the ensemble as a whole
  • Entire warm-up sequences designed to prepare a stylistically appropriate sound for multiple genres while developing real and enduring vocal and musical skill


The Complete Choral Warm-Up Sequences

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