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This companion Workbook is an essential guide to all the major concepts on the groundbreaking DVD, taking the reader point by point through critical topics. Illustrations, Eugene Corporon’s study outlines, and multiple opportunities for journaling make this workbook the ultimate companion for anyone looking to improve their conducting skills.

The DVD itself is an insightful masterclass with tools such as multi-angle video demonstrations and state-of-the-art motion capture animation, allowing conductors to study the gesture of both renowned conductors. Revolutionary graphics show the skeletal movement of each conductor in real-time to give conductors an in-depth and accurate picture of body mechanics and architecture. Topics covered on this DVD include:


• Basic conducting patterns in legato and marcato for all basic meters
• Conducting with and without a baton
• Extensive demonstration of preparatory gestures
• Explanation of the architecture of conducting
• Body Mapping principles applied to conducting
• Discussions on Sound Shaping and Sound Morphology
• Unique interactive menu allows conductors to study conducting patterns from several angles


This DVD and companion workbook are a complete tutorial for basic conducting technique as taught and demonstrated by two of America’s master teachers and conductors.


The Anatomy of Conducting Workbook

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