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In 2001, authors James Jordan and Matthew Mehaffey introduced a new method of choral ensemble solfege with the book Choral Ensemble Intonation. The method, based on the premise that instructors must teach singers what to hear and what to listen to so that they can sing with more beauty and less effort, was extremely well received and now is used by scores of choral directors. In response to requests for more teaching materials based on this aural learning method, Jordan, along with accompanist/composer Marilyn Shenenberger, went back to where it all began—the classroom—to develop the exercises found in this edition.

Each exercise provides a rich harmonic syntax for singers in all modes. For each mode, this one-of-a-kind resource includes exercises for intonation in the mode, intervals within the mode, modal tuning exercises, and a modal choral example. In addition, a CD of full accompaniments is provided to use as a classroom supplement or as an aural instruction resource. An ensemble edition for use by choirs is also available. These exercises should be used as an aural preparation for the music to be rehearsed as part of the choral warm-up.

This program is for use in conjunction with the book and video entitled Choral Ensemble Intonation: Method, Procedures, and Exercises(GIA Publications).

Ear Training Immersion Exercises for Choirs (Ensemble Edition) - USED

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