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This unique self-study guide distills the essentials of good choral vocal technique into eleven concise, accessible lessons.

Prepare by acclaimed teacher James Jordan, Professor and Senior Conductor at Westminster Choir College of Rider University, Choral Singing Step by Step is a perfect guide for amateur and novice choir members who wish to improve their own singing technique and understand the singing process. With this handbook, Jordan covers the same techniques he has used to help thousands of singers through his conducting workshops and clinics around the world.

Topics include:

  • Strategies for good intonation and tuning, breathing, inhalation and exhalation, support, resonance, vowel colors, leaps, range extension, diction, and alignment (using Alexander Technique and Body Mapping principles)
  • Use of the sigh for diagnosing vocal problems
  • Maintaining rhythm and consistent tempo

Choral Singing Step by Step is designed to stand on its own but can also be used to support Dr. Jordan's comprehensive guide for choral directors, The Choral Warm-Up: Method, Procedures, and Core Vocal Exercises.

Choral Singing Step by Step is an innovative approach that provides a sequential, self-paced program that extends beyond the rehearsal. The exercises in this guide allow for both individual practice and study.

Have you always wanted to sing better? To extend your skills outside of rehearsal? To understand the mechanics of good singing? To increase the joy gained from singing at your very best? Choral Singing Step by Step is the guide for you, written by one of America's great conductors.

Choral Singing Step by Step

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