Roger Ames: A Time for Healing


This project is deeply special to The Same Stream and Dr. James Jordan. Roger was a great friend to us all, and we feel privileged to have recorded an album of solely his music.

The centerpiece of this project is Roger's final set of pieces: AWAKENINGS. All texts were written during the COVID-19 pandemic, and Roger leaves us with a hopeful and uplifting message despite the global crisis the pandemic has caused. 

Recorded August of 2021

Releasing September 2022

YOU can help us take this music on tour this August!

We are bringing Roger's work to Philadelphia, Long Island, and Princeton.

For more information, and to give to our campaign, Roger Ames: A Legacy Concert Series, please use our "Give Now" button.

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Camille Watson

Megan Page Gallagher

Yiran Zhao

Lindsey Reinhard

Jess Stanislawczyk

Isabella Burns

Kristen Kozub

Alexandra Thomas



Moira Gannon

Kelly Zuzic

Holly Scovell

Sarah Engel

David Falatok

Mary Dolch

Alex Meakem

Ashley Dupont



Chrisopher Filice

Aidan Christopher Gent

Christopher Nappa

Ari Carillo

Matthew Koller

John Burke



John Arlievsky

James Kinzel

Michael Banks

Sam Scheibe

T. Quinn Kimball

Peter Fischer

Joel Michalchuk

Ruihang Zeng

Alexander Miller