Dear Alums of Williamson Voices,

I am so proud of the dreams of a group of Williamson Voices alumni that have now become a reality for us. When the choir was formed, we simply did a call for singers from the area and some selected older alums. 


It has always been my hope and dream to create a place…actually an institution…for us to continue our important music-making together. From the start, there is no doubt in my mind that we have quickly become one of the leading professional choirs.


My want is to develop a roster of singers. The way we are working at the moment is that persons from the previous “project” are invited to sing again. If they cannot do that engagement, then we go to our list of interested singers. There is no audition but I do reserve the right to hear you or have you send me a video so I can get the sound of your voice in my ear. Kate Miksits is the Executive Director and Alex Meakem serves as choir manager. We will contact you when we can knit you into the group. I also hope you understand that singers for each engagement are to come note ready to first rehearsals.


Please, please fill out the form below! With each engagement or recording I realize what a gift we have been and will continue to be to each other and all that experience this remarkable family of singers.


James Jordan

Artistic Director and Conductor